Vance Air Force Base Address
Vance AFB OK, 73702

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Vance AFB, Oklahoma


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Vance Air Force Base

Vance is an Air Force Base which has an interesting logo. It features two aircraft flying in a parallel manner, probably trying to achieve their goal, which is to protect the USA and to train troops of the 71st Flying Training Wing. Actually, this is the base's primary mission, that of training recruits. Vance AFB base was opened in 1942 and was named after Lietenant Colonel Leon Robert Vance Jr. in 1949.

The training facilities at Vance are very good, and apart from the regular trainings, recruits practice landings and take-offs on an airport near Cherokee, Oklahoma. Examples of aircraft which can be found at the base are T-1s, T-6s and T-38s, all of the newborns in this respect. The base is led by Colonel Richard Klumpp, which has decided not to reveal the base's total area, nor the number of people working here. However, it is obvious there are lots of them, since the housing facilities are bad in terms of being a newcomer at Vance. They have no more room for new recruits.

Nevertheless, training and education is done with a maximum of quality at Vance, a model to the world. The base is small, so it doesn’t usually receive press, with the exception of inner-promotions and festivities such as pilot of the month contests, and many others. On this occasion it has been publicized, on the 14th of November, 2007.